One of the most successful ways of deterring intruders is to install a set of driveway gates. You also have the added benefit of making a great first impression on guests, adding value to your home, and looking stylish too.

There is a huge range of gates out there, so it is a good idea to think about some factors that will ensure you have the best gates to suit you, your lifestyle and your property.

Consider where your gates will be fitted

Thinking about the configuration of your gates is a great place from which to begin. There is no point setting your heart on a design only to find out it won’t work with your entrance way. Think about whether there is enough space to open and close the gates when a car is parked on the driveway. If you have limited space, bi-folding gates are a great option. It’s also important to consider which way your driveway slopes (for example, swing gates will struggle to open inwards if your driveway is on an upward incline as you enter).

What is already present to hang the gates from?

Where the entrance of the driveway already has an existing structure such as pillars in place, they must be checked for strength and stability before metal gates are installed. Lack of strength does not mean you cannot have your dream doors, but it may be recommended that they are reinforced with concrete or steel bars to create a stable frame.

How far back from the road is the opening?

Safety is paramount, and it is important that your gates will not impede other road users. If possible, it is a good idea to have the gates set back enough to allow a car to pull up off the street while the gates open.

Are there any obstacles that may get in the way of the opening and closing of the gates?

There is no point choosing gates to discover they hit an overhanging wall or garden feature! Think about the gates in both a closed and open position and the space they will need to operate.

How much privacy do you want?

Many people love the delicate and open wrought iron style that allows for uninterrupted views of the surroundings. Some people prefer solid steel gates, which will hide your home and keep pets and children secure. If you still want to have a more decorative style, you could opt for solid at the bottom with embellishment on top, or have the bars designed, so they are closer together, which will aid in obscuring your home from view.

The great news is that the options for steel gates for the home are infinite and can provide home-owners with exactly what they need. It is perfectly possible to have secure gates that keep homes private while looking very attractive and adding character to your property.